Saturday, January 28, 2012

celebrating Elizabeth

Celebrating Elizabeth's 11th birthday today required 5 sleepover friends, much dressing up and dancing, a little bit of outside play, much torture of brothers, who are not used to being outnumbered by the girls, and some candlemaking thrown in for good measure.

And so we rung in 11 with as much style as possible. Also on this 11th celebration of Elizabeth's birth, we made a trip to the pet store where she spent some hard-saved cash on a hamster, thus completing the required 3 month waiting period to make sure she really wanted the hamster and would agree to perform all required tasks in caring for him. She is over-the-moon about our newest family member, Tiny Benny.

Following the sleepover fun, Elizabeth was treated like royalty as her brother's prepared her dinner throne.

Her requested dinner of cinnamon raisin mochi with sunbutter and maple syrup, corn on the cob, and fruit salad was served, along with some fresh salsa and sun-dried tomato hummus with chips.

She enjoyed her beloved mochi, eating more than twice as much as her brothers, and then made a wish and blew out her birthday ring candles.

Next came present opening, which we kept small and meaningful, a few new handknits, several books, and her big surprise, a Nikon Coolpix.

Quite the stylin' photographer we have now!


  1. Love those lovely swirling girls! Happy Birthday Elizabeth! She look beautiful in her new sweater!
    And happy birth day to you Joy!

  2. What a happy birthday celebration! Oh, how I loved those birthday sleepovers at that age. :)

  3. i always love to read her bday girl turns 11 on the 30th :)

  4. The sweater looks gorgeous on her! I love the fabric bags as wrapping! Happy, Happy 11th birthday!!

  5. Happy birthday, beautiful Elizabeth! You are growing up so quickly! We all miss you and love you!

    Cinnamon raisin mochi? Do you make it from scratch? Or do you buy the mochi and add stuff to it? The only person here besides me that will eat Mochi is Will but a cinnamon raisin version, that might get the kids to eat it (or make me eat more which I wouldn't mind).

    1. I did not make it from scratch. I've heard mochi is a killer to make from scratch, so I've avoided that one. :) They sell it at Whole Foods, and a friend introduced it to us a couple of years ago. Even Ms. Picky Pants Elizabeth loves mochi, although she prefers the cinnamon raisin to the other flavors.

  6. Beautiful!! Such a colourful celebration of a beloved girl. She is blessed, as are you!

  7. Sounds like a great celebration. I wish my children ate such yummy healthy food, they are so picky at this age. Tiny Benny is a great name. Happy belated bday to Elizabeth!


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