Tuesday, January 24, 2012

in a fog

The mood outside matches the mood in our home this morning. The fog and light rain has lasted for 4 days now and is starting to over stay it's welcome, and drippy, deadened blackberry brambles and elderberry bushes are not appreciated nearly as much as their spring and summer counterparts.

To top it off, Elizabeth woke up this morning with a tummy bug. For some reason, probably because I don't suffer the particular affliction of succumbing to tummy bugs myself, I am least equipped to fight these immunity lapses than colds, coughs and fevers.

So I am open to your advice, wisdom and suggestions. I do make a weak chamomile tea with a smidge of honey and pink salt to replenish hydration. I would love an aromatherapy suggestion or other external aid to help tummies that are not ready to accept food or liquid.

For now, she'll continue to sip her tea, and I'll be grateful that she's my least-afflicted-with-tummy-bugs child and hope that none of my other children succumb to a similar plight.


  1. :(
    I hope she gets better. You're doing the right thing, just let her rest and spoil her as much as you can and go easy when she is ready to eat.

  2. Wise to keep her hydrated if she's losing lots of water through vomitting/diarrhea...I ended up in hospital with a little one when it went too far (she refused to drink anything)...my mom always suggests the "brat" diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast...not sure if it's old fashioned, but once my kids regain a bit of appetite after a bug, this seems to do the trick! In small doses, of course. Sheila Kitzinger had a recipe for "labour aid" in one of her pregnancy books that I loved...for hydration (like a natural electrolyte drink)...lemon juice, water, honey, calcium powder, baking soda? salt...it's really delicious. I'll find the recipe if you think you might want it...just send me an email!

  3. After vomiting, waiting an hour before introducing anything. You have to wait for the stomach reflex to relax again. Then start with a tablespoon of liquid sipped over an hour. I always use either flat Sprite or flat Coke. (My mother always gave me Coke syrup that she got at the pharmacy, but flat Coke works just as well.) If that stays down, then got to a tablespoon every half hour, then every 15 minutes. If that works, then start the BRAT diet mentioned above. Start with the dry toast - nibbles. Then slices of banana for potassium. If, at any time, any of this comes back up, start over with waiting an hour. Don't introduce ANY dairy for at least 48 hours. It has always worked for us, young and old. I've used it on my kids since they were babes and I've used it with my 85-year-old monther.

  4. The above two comments have perfect advice, so I will not add to that, but I do wish Elizabeth a speedy recovery. My entire family succumbed to the stomach bug over 8 days last week, and it is rough on everyone. Be well Joy.

  5. Oh, sweet Elizabeth! Give her my love! I've always heard peppermint helps (or just mint). In fact, didn't Celestial Seasonings have (or used to have) a blend called Grandma's Tummy Mint?

  6. lovely photos! Sorry for the bug. Hope she's feeling better. Yes, perfect advice above!


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