Saturday, September 24, 2011

our community Michaelmas celebration

We celebrated Michaelmas today with our little festival community and had a perfectly lovely afternoon. (You can see last year's celebration here.) We were afraid that the rain might ruin our celebration, but fortunately, the skies cleared just as we began so while the kids were wet and muddy, they were not drenched. Our celebration consisted of games promoting courage and strength, making dragon bread, painting and decorating wooden shields, making paper crowns, dancing and games to beautiful music, and of course joining together for a meal, including blackberry thumbprint cookies. (Blackberries are traditionally last served for the season during Michaelmas because according to legend when St. Michael cast Satan out of heaven, he landed in a blackberry bramble.) Looking back at the photos, I think the children enjoyed their Michaelmas festival very much.

With much strength to forge the coming fall and winter, happy Michaelmas!


  1. Wow, I have never heard of Michaelmas before... is it big in the states? (come to that, are you in the USA?) or am I just hanging with the wrong crowd! Anyways, sure looks like you had fun! Love the colour in your photos... grace


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