Sunday, September 11, 2011

apple picking day

Yesterday, we partook in a favorite autumn pastime and headed to the nearby mountains to find an apple orchard for picking apples. The local orchard we visited last year was closed for picking already this season, but we were determined to find an equally lovely spot to pick.

While the road to this orchard was a little precarious in spots, the view from the top of the orchard was worth it. What a view! I'll bet this spot will be even lovelier when the trees change into their autumn clothes.

The orchard we picked in last year had mostly dwarf trees so everything the kids could possibly pick was within easy reach. This year...well, there were ladders involved.

Daddy could still hold Finn up to pick a few of the underling apples.

Then he became the happy bucket-toter for everyone else.

The older kids, after a few uneasy moments on the wobbly ladders, quickly became pros at mastering the art of picking from precariously high places.

Finn kept changing his mind about which apple he wanted to save for his morning snack.

Meanwhile, the older kids just picked,

and picked,

and picked.

Until I found them leaning with 3 appendages off the ladder, which is the time I decided we had enough apples.

Three and a half bushels was a pretty good haul though for the less than an hour it took them to pick. Paul and I only picked a dozen or less so it really was the big kids that picked all of these. I'm so glad they enjoy our trip to the orchard each year.

Now my work begins...


  1. What are you going to do with all those apples??? :)

  2. Oh wow! I have never picked apples... put it on the list of things to do!
    Over in Australia, we are just relishing the first of the blossoms...

    Thanks for letting us enjoy your adventure!


  3. Beautiful pictures Joy! So glad I found your site - so now I can see all the fabulous things you do and make - instead of listening to Paul talk about them! You're an inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing all you do!


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