Thursday, September 8, 2011

::right now::

::enjoying the recent rains::

::smiling over little handprints::

::watching intently as creativity blossoms::

::baking autumnal favorites for the first time this season::

::organizing a library that is bursting with too many books::
::learning when to say no to too many commitments::
::appreciating the cooler weather brought by recent rains::
::wondering how, not 1, but 2 of our children managed to break a tooth this week::
::looking forward to a weekend full of apples and school celebration::

What is happening in your right now?


  1. That photo of Finn is about as cute as they come! That's a framer. Sorry about the broken teeth (youch!) And I SO understand the too many books thing. Does that mean I shouldn't send you my extra copy of The Longest Day? :)

  2. I understand the book thing too. My house is overrun with them (things could be worse) and that's even after giving away a lot of homeschooling books no longer needed. I'm enjoying the cooler weather too. Glad that we're having a pretty decent first week of school.

  3. Oh so much fun! We are enjoying meeting our little cousin for the first time... we are looking forward to spring... we are loving learning to preserve... there is so much to learn everywhere! grace


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