Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekending

We decided to utilize the long weekend and get out of dodge for Labor Day so we headed down the road to visit our friends who just moved to the Greenville, SC area. Saturday morning dawned clear and began to warm up quickly so we headed downtown to the farmer's market. (Oh, boiled peanuts, how I have missed you!)

After a brief time wandering the market, we ate a quick bite of lunch and headed to a downtown park.

Just outside the park, we stumbled upon a city sprayground where Finn stripped down to his skivvies to take part in the fun.

Oh to be 4 and be able to run around a downtown street in your undies!

A few moments of geese and duck watching and we headed back to our friends house for the evening.

Penelope's take on the ducks and geese:

On Sunday following church and a quick lunch, we spent the afternoon and evening celebrating Paul's birthday with his extended family.

The kids had an amazing time eating grilled food and playing themselves into exhaustion.

This morning, before we had to head back home, Jenni introduced me to a dairy farm that was a stone's throw from her house which sold raw milk (legally!) for a steal!

The farmer has 10 dairy cows and has been a dairy farmer for 30 years. He seemed like such a wonderful person that I wished it wasn't rainy outside so we could chat with him for a few minutes.

I love the small, neighborly little operations like this with the cows eating happily nearby. I might have to visit Jenni more often now that she's just down the road from so many cute little farms!


  1. I think every town needs to have a sprayground! Looks like an awesome trip!

  2. Wow I will be looking into some of those places as I have a friend who lives in Greenville and will be going to see her in about 2 weeks or so. I would love to know the name/location of the dairy farm as well!


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