Monday, September 19, 2011

on the bridge

Here we stand

on the bridge
between summer and autumn.

When the children soak
up the fading rays of the summer
and bask in the delicious breeze
of autumn arriving through the trees.

The spicy scent of warm cider
fills the kitchen
while pink-cheeked children
warm their chilly fingers.

The fire
beginning to light the maples
distracts our attention
from the decay in the garden.

The summer blooms
are fading
except chrysanthemum,
who lingers on the bridge
to view the red and gold
of the impending autumn.


  1. I really love this time of year-- when you can feel the seasons changing. The transition from summer to autumn is such a beautiful time.

  2. Dayum, did you write that as an original piece? Nice work my friend! Beautiful! I love the part about the fire distracting our attention from the decaying garden. This is my new favorite September poem!


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