Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Day!

The first snow day of the season graced us today with a world of white. The kids were released from school early and thrilled to get out in the snow, even before very much had accumulated. For an area of the country that doesn't see a whole lot of the white stuff, this storm may end up being a doozy. The local weatherman is calling for 4-8 inches and the national weather service is calling for even more than that, with gusty wind to accompany. As long as we keep our power, I'll be happy with any amount. :)

These are the faces of some thrilled kiddos! (Unfortunately, one sick little kiddo, Paulie, was stuck in the house recovering from some nasty virus that kept him from the snow play. He's hoping and praying to be better so he can make up for it tomorrow!)

You can tell when you're in the presence of a NC kid. They have no idea why powdery snow won't form into a snowball.

But they do know how to make snow angels!

After plenty of outside play, we had vegetable soup and homemade bread to warm up our insides.

After the kids waited patiently for Paul, who left on what he describes as a foolhardy mission to buy a few items at the grocery store...

we wrapped up our snow day with a family game night.


  1. I have to admit, I didn't even know it snowed where you live, lol. I'm so glad you have a storm coming and that the kids will get to play in the snow. What a fun weekend you will have. :)

  2. O.k, there's something wrong when NC is getting more snow than VT! We've had 2-3 inches where I am. I'm watching CNN and see D.C is going to get around 2 ft. It's not fair!!! Alright, I'm done whining (for now). :)

  3. Looks so cozy Joy! We're due to get (gukp) 22 inches. And I am freezing my keester off.

  4. sweet sweet sweet photos, all of them, inside and out. made me want to go out and play in the snow, too! i didn't realize you were in NC. the weather has been so bizarre all over!
    i love your softly lit inside photos and your retro table/chair set up!

  5. Hope Paulie is better so he can go out today! It's going to be nasty tomorrow with the melting and re-freezing (and we got a fair amount of sleet last night, too.) It's magical at our house-- we're going to eat WAY too many cookies!

  6. Yay for snow! There is something so magical about falling snow : ) We have been having snow nearly every day since Saint Nicholas day once it starts here it keeps going! Once again, so much happiness and joy in your home I love seeing your photos of your days!

  7. Oh Joy - what wonderful fun! So glad you got to enjoy some of that white stuff that we are blessed with for four months straight:)
    Warm wishes.

  8. We didn't get any bit of that storm...but we do have plenty of snow for the holidays! How fun for you all to get out and play in it!

  9. I hope you kept your power throughout the storm! The light in those indoor pictures is looks so cozy.


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