Wednesday, December 9, 2009

felted Christmas bells

Last week, there were many comments on my WIP Wednesday post asking for the pattern for the little felted bells. I aim to please...

felted Christmas bells

Size 4 US double pointed needles
blunt embroidery needle
50 grams fingering weight wool yarn in red (not superwash wool) - 50 grams will make 8-10 bells
3/8 inch steel craft bells
2 strands of DMC floss in matching red

CO 26 sts. onto 3 needles; 9 on needle 1, 9 on needle 2, and 8 on needle 3
Join in the round being careful not to twist.
Knit 3 rows.
On the 4th row, k2tog, k11, k2tog, k11. This should give you 8 st on each needle.
Knit 10 rows.
Begin decrease as follows:
*K2, k2tog; rep from *
*K1, k2tog; rep from *
K2tog until 6 st remain and fasten off.

Place inside mesh laundry bag and wash in hot water in washing machine with a pair of jeans to agitate for approximately a 30 min wash cycle until bell is medium felted. At the end of washing, shape bell and allow to dry for several hours. With blunt embroidery needle, thread a 6 inch piece of yarn through the top of bell and tie inside bell. Using a sewing needle, thread a strand of floss through bell and hang so that steel bell falls just under the bottom of felted bell. Hang on your favorite tree!


  1. I seriously need to learn to knit...

  2. It involves knitting? Aigh... Have an etsy store?

  3. Yay! The are even cuter in person, too ;)

  4. If I had any talent I would make these in a heart beat!

  5. Aw, those are so sweet! I love them!

  6. Does a free knitting lesson come with this tutorial?
    They are truly beautiful Joy!

  7. I love how these look on the tree! Very festive!
    happy holidays!

  8. Those bells are fantastic! Great job, Joy. I wish I could successfully felt, I'd definitely try them.

  9. Thank you for posting that! Now I JUST need to learn how to follow a pattern ;}

  10. Beautiful!...:)
    Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  11. These are just adorable, I love anything with the potential for felt. They would look so great on my tree!


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