Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We celebrate Advent starting on December 1. I know tradition states that Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, but we don't do the Advent wreath and candles since we only have all the kids here every other Sunday. (I guess we could always do Mondays though since they are all here then.) Since Advent calendars start on December 1, we do too.

Our December 1 traditions include a simple breakfast, this morning of almond-butter, spelt bread with homemade blackberry jam, canned this summer.

We also set up our two nativity sets, one for mama...

and one for the kiddos to build,

then knock down and rebuild. I always love seeing the different arrangements they come up with for the Holy Family and animals. Interestingly, this year the baby Jesus was elevated in several of the formations.

And of course, the opening of the first window of the Advent calendar! (This advent calendar is from Blueberry Forest, made in Germany.)

Happy December 1st and Advent!


  1. We start on December 1st as well. We have a Tomten mailbox, he leaves messages for Zach in the morning. And a little calendar we open. We bring out the spiral for solstice. And tomorrow we've been invited to do a spiral walk at a Waldorf school in Baltimore. What a fun month to celebrate everything!

  2. LOVE your kids nativity! You always find the greatest toys.

  3. We're beginning our advent preparations! I've never really done this much at home, although we celebrate advent at church. This year, I finally splurged on an advent spiral (I've been eyeing them for a couple of years).

  4. Even your nativity sets are unique and beautiful! You always amaze me Joy!

  5. I LOVE your kids nativity. Where did you get it? Or did you make it up out of stuff you have?

  6. The kids' nativity is actually a set from HABA, but I think it was discontinued a few years ago.


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