Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Festival of Lights

We took some time this evening out of our busy holiday schedule to drive a couple of towns over to see the Festival of Lights. Such a nice, relaxing thing to do, just ride in the car while ooh-ing and ah-ing over the beautiful lights displays. This festival has more than 100 displays, many of them move, race, or chase each other, and more than 1 million lights total. Truly an amazing sight to behold!

Finn's first trip to the Festival of Lights,
and he was most impressed by the tunnels.

I hope you find some light to fill your evenings over the next week until the days begin to grow longer again.

PS. Jessica, I definitely think this qualifies as finding merriment. ;)


  1. oh, yes! This is definitely merriment! I loved driving home tonight looking at the lights--If only I could drive and take pictures, too!

  2. I remember going to that one with the inlaws a couple of years - it's HUGE and quite impressive. I love the trolls, cute! We have a smaller one locally at a beach park we've yet to visit. Last year we went by horse and carriage, that was a treat. Thanks for sharing Joy!

  3. Oh fun! We have something similar in our town called Candy Cane Lane. It's always a tradition of our family's to drive through a few times. :)

  4. What fun! Reminds me of Disney World a bit.

  5. We haven't been brave enough to try it-- we go to the circus show in Sunset Hills just up the road instead!


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