Saturday, December 26, 2009

the present of Asheville

And again, again, in the old house I feel beneath my tread
the creak of the old stair, the worn rail,
the whitewashed walls, the feel of darkness
and the house asleep...
~ Thomas Wolfe, native of Asheville, NC

My gift to Paul this Christmas was a trip to Asheville, a short drive to the west, to stay in a bed and breakfast sans kids. Asheville, with it's thriving, artsy downtown and vegetarian-accomodating B&Bs reminds Paul of his former life in the Catskills and remains one of his favorite weekend getaway destinations. I also threw in a gift card to a delightful indie bookstore to round out the gift. We've spent the better part of today hitting downtown, wading through yarn at a lovely downtown yarn shop, and eating amazing vegetarian food at one of our favorite restaurants.

Yummy vegetarian food as seen by Paul's blackberry camera...not quite as pretty as with a DSLR...but still very yummy!

And the Irish brewpub in the basement of the veg restaurant. Paul's idea of heaven might just include a vegetarian restaurant sitting on top of an Irish pub.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their presents and some post-Christmas family time.


  1. Fun trip! We spent our anniversary in Asheville and I love it so. I could eat at Tupelo Honey every day...

  2. What a perfect idea! I really love this. I've heard that Ashville is an artsy place. Yarn shop, B&B, bookstore, vegetarian restaurant...sounds like heaven!! :)

  3. What a perfect gift! I have always wanted to visit Asheville. Maybe a mama's getaway next time I am in the neighborhood? ;) Merry Christmas!

  4. Melissa--I think we ate there weekly when we lived in a-town. so many GREAT restaurants...thanks for making me nostalgic joy!

  5. What a sweet gift Joy. How nice to reconnect as well. That is something my husband and I need to plan now that the oldest two are nearly old enough to stay with everyone. Also, the birthday photos of Finn are precious.
    Warm wishes.

  6. That sounds like so much fun! What a wonderful gift!

  7. My sister lives in Asheville and I know all those hangouts well! We're headed that way New Year's Eve! I love Malaprops. Have you ever eaten at Early Girl or Tupalo Honey? Oh, and I just love Sunny Pointe! Which yarn shops? Love Purl's!

  8. I do have to say that Asheville is one of my favorite cities--what a great gift!

  9. What a wonderful gift to give to your husband! That looks like a fun place to visit.


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