Monday, December 7, 2009

::Right now::

::cloves and oranges centerpiece::

::nativity treehouse::

::gingerbread cookie baking (recipe from Waldorf Book of Breads)::

::mama-secretly-made "I love you" cookies for each member of the family::

::front door fir wreath::

::nature table changes::


  1. The I love you Cookie cutter is brilliant. What special memories you are making!

  2. elizabeth just has the cutest dimples. i have always wanted to comment on that!

  3. It is so wonderful to see what is going on in your home, such Christmas spirit:) Just lovely! Those oranges and cloves look wonderful, I can almost smell their fragrance:) Your nature table is beautiful...

  4. Everything looks just beautiful! I especially love your front door wreath. Fresh winter greens are the best!

  5. It looks like you're busy making some beautiful holiday memories for your family. May I ask where you got that wonderful "I love you" cookie cutter? My daughter thinks we need one...we have a little goodbye tradition with that sign. ;)

  6. I LOVE the I love you sign cookie cutter!!! Where did you find that?

  7. What beautiful ways to celebrate the season! I love making these memories with my family.

  8. The "I love you" cookie cutter actually came from a farmer's market in the mountains about an hour from where I live. A local guy made and sold them there. I did a google search though, and you can find similar ones on Amazon and other places. :)

  9. Many of the same things going on here! I just bought that angel candle holder-I just love it!
    WHERE did you get the I love you cookie cutter?!?!? SO cool!

  10. am in love with the i love you cookies!
    so special! what a treat!

  11. I'm loving the I love you cookies! Impressive that you were able to do those in secret!

    Love the header!

  12. So lovely to see a recipe from that book, it is on my *wish* list : )
    I love the cookie cutter, what a special surprise!


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