Wednesday, December 23, 2009

making merry

I've been scarce around the blogiverse this week, mostly living in the moment with my family during this holiday week. Some of the ways we're making merry right now:

::playing with cousins::

::challenging Grammy to board games::

::which led to dancing to Christmas Car-i-oke::

::enjoying the last bit of snowy fun in our rapidly melting yard::

::watching Christmas movies with old friends::

::working steadily on Finn's sweater again::

I hope your whole week is merry and full of family and friends!


  1. Happy holidays! Good luck on the sweater!

  2. LOL...I recognize STRATEGO! :)

    You have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  3. i was going to mention stratego. a FAVORITE of mine at elizabeth's age. i use to LOVE beating the boys...I still take down Drew from time to time.

  4. Happy holidays and warm wishes to you and your family JOy!

  5. Warm Christmas wishes to you and your family Joy!!!


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