Tuesday, December 29, 2009

handmade Christmas goodies

Many of these handmade goodies have been featured on this blog before as I was working on them, but here is a taste of the handmade goodness that made it's way into our Christmas celebration.

All of the kids received mama-made hats in their stocking. Elizabeth's hat even came with a matching scarf.

In addition to their hats, they each received a handmade shirt from this shop.

Elizabeth has been enjoying snuggling under her mama-made blanket.

And she's making a fort out new silks and wooden clips. I had no intention of gifting her with more silks and clips as we already have dozens of silks in various shapes and colors, but when they appeared on her Christmas list, I made a couple of pastels to add to the collection.

Paulie was also very excited about his new knitted blanket. He's been wanting a throw blanket for his bed, so this was good timing.

Philip got the biggest gift of handmade goodness, although not made by us. He received the wooden castle from Nova Natural along with the blue and yellow knight sets sold there. In addition, he received the knights I'd previously mention during a Handmade Friday post.

This was really only a glimpse of the handmade goodness that graced our holiday. I sometimes find it hard to balance living in the moment with capturing the moment so I don't have photos of everything (and some photos weren't all that great, hence the bad lighting in some of these). Both my mother and my grandmother received a knitted scarf and our close friends' children received wooden toys made by etsians or local wood craftsmen. I think next year I'd like to take a photo of everything we gift that's handmade, by us or other artists, just to see how much we can stick to our goal of a handmade holiday.


  1. You gave with your heart and that's what matters most. They are all fabulous!

  2. <3. Doesn't it just make the holidays more special when things are handmade? We had lots of lovely handmade wooden figures, a stable, play silks, modeling beeswax, and warm hearts this year. I love your photos.

  3. You did really well. We didn't have a handmade Christmas at all this year, although we did last year. And I have a handmade goodie for Finn waiting to be mailed... his birthday will just go on and on and on...

  4. All your handmade gifts are beautiful Joy. I love the blankets and the hats! The knights castle is wonderful...

  5. Oh what a lovely celebration!! Everything is so wonderful! I have to ask, didyou make the quilt on Elizabeth's bed?
    and...I hear you! I didn't get a lot of photos either due to lighting and just enjoying the time <3

  6. They are all beautiful gifts. Best wishes for the New Year. :)

  7. What amazing mama-made gifts! That castle is pretty cool as well! I hope you guys are a wonderful last few days of 2010!!

  8. These are great gifts! I am thinking of knitting the kids blankets for next year or birthdays. So glad everyone enjoyed their holiday goodies!

  9. I love the blanket Joy and all the other goodies. Where's the spinning wheel you wrote of at Hip Mama's???

    BTW, thanks for sharing the book. I have seen that one and it is a fun book!


  10. what beautiful and special handiwork, yours and others'!


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