Friday, December 25, 2009

Celebrating Finn!

Everyone knows it's not easy being that kid whose birthday falls around Christmastime, and it's even harder to be the kid whose birthday falls ON Christmas Day. Finn just happens to be that kid. (Please don't tell me again what a wonderful present that must have been...spending all day Christmas day in the hospital, eating my Christmas burrito, missing out on Christmas morning with the other kids. I'm not complaining or anything. ;) I decided this year to start a new tradition that will hopefully give Finn some special birthday time amidst the holiday celebrations.

So last night, while other moms were sneakily stuffing stockings full of goodies, I was in the kitchen making a Cinnamon Braid.

Then I got up at 5:30 this morning, before the kids could come bounding down the stairs, to bake the Cinnamon Braid (and make fruit salad).

So after the stockings were unstuffed (I also did stuff stockings last night), we lit a candle in Finn's honor and celebrated his wonderful, joyful, sweet presence in our family.

(we even let them eat in the dining room!)

I don't think he quite gets the fact that his birthday is a separate event from Christmas, but he sure was thrilled at the attention lavished over breakfast.

Despite his sour grapefruit face.

He also got a special present opening time all of his own. Just 2 little sweet presents that were perfectly matched to his interests.

It was a joyful celebration indeed.


  1. Happy Birthday, Finn! We are trying to figure out how to manage one of those tricky birthdays, as well-- it's Tuesday at our house. For now, we plan to just have one big humdinger of a party in January for both boys, but I know it will get harder as they get older. I'll look to you for inspiration!

  2. Great new tradition. What a sweet face with the firetruck! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Finn! Looks joyful and lovely. Where's that sweater? I love the bread -- looks delicious!

  4. Yay! Happy Birthday!

    I've always thought being in the hospital then wouldn't be any fun at all!

    The caddy and truck are beautiful!!

  5. Happy Birthday Finn! I love that you had a special breakfast for him-and it looked wonderful. :)

  6. oh, happy happy birthday from my finn (and me) to yours! he is such a cutie!

  7. The bread is beautiful, your family is beautiful and Finn...well, he is always the cutest little boy EVER! It looks like you had such a special celebration. I hope Finn had a happy, happy day!!

    (BTW, Emily was supposed to be a Thanksgiving baby but she decided to make her way into the world three weeks early). ;)

  8. Happy birthday Finn!!!! What a lovely way to make it special for him Joy. The cinnamon braid is so beautiful. I'm off to see the recipe, thanks!

  9. Oh, happy birthday Finn! :)

    Katie's is the 29th, and I thought THAT was a hard birthdate until now! lol

  10. AWWWWW! A Christmas Finn!
    My Finn was born December 29!!


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