Monday, October 1, 2012

school camping trip

I just returned over the weekend from a trip to the NC mountains where I was honored to spend 3 days camping with the wonderful kids in Elizabeth's 6th grade class.  These kids are truly the sweetest, most creative, the most eager to dive into whatever is thrown at them, and they have the most joyful spirit while they work on everything from setting up tents to washing dishes to whittling sticks.  We played in frigid rivers, hiked to waterfalls, sketched, observed, whittled, sang (every song from this play) around a campfire, and generally had an amazing time.  I would take a trip with these kids every year if the opportunity was afforded me.  And I'm so grateful that Elizabeth has the opportunity to grow up around such amazing people.

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  1. How cool! I love seeing older kids who are such shining examples of goodness. How cool that you got to tag along!


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