Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yarn Along

Finn's Christmas blanket still consumes the bulk of my knitting time.  The end is in sight though!  I'm about 70% complete, and the stripes are working out nicely.  I cast on 240 stitches with this blanket so that the stripes would be vertical.  The stripes gradually get wider and wider as the blanket moves from left to right.  I thought a bit of asymmetrical fun would liven up this garter stitch blanket.  I hope to have it finished in the next week so I can move on to other holiday knitting.

The bulk of my reading has been for Finn lately as well.  His recent picks include a winter and a spring book (apparently we're moving straight through autumn and on to other seasons).  His two great loves right now are Tiptoes Lightly and Magic Tree House.  (Well, Magic Tree House has been a love for years now.)  The autumn book basket is getting quite a bit of attention lately too since the books feel new after being stored away for the last 9 months.

What are you knitting and reading?


  1. LOVE that blanket! Great colours. What a huge undertaking...I'm finding my baby blanket is taking a long time! Phew. That blanket you're making will be a treasured item as your child grows.

  2. That stripey blanket looks great. Wow 240 cast on stitches and I thought I was going to faint with 100. ;-)

  3. Wow! Looks great! Tackling a blanket is always an accomplishment!


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