Friday, October 12, 2012


My husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary over last weekend.  As he was traveling with Paulie for the weekend, we really didn't get much any chance to celebrate.  We decided that he would take the day off work on Thursday, and we'd spend the day at a winery about an hour outside of town while the kids were in school.  It really was the perfect plan, a bit of togetherness, some relaxing time for just the 2 of us, and no babysitter needed!

I remember when Shelton Vineyards began about 12 years ago.  I have family that lived in the area until a couple of years ago.  This is truly a gorgeous spot to visit, vineyard or not.

The tour was quite fascinating. We received quite an education about the different types of grapes and how they are fermented to produce different wines.

We were even fortunate enough to catch the workers during a harvest.  We saw them pick, load, and dump the grapes into the huge white containers in the picture below this one.

The containers were then dumped into this machine which separated the grapes from the stems.

It was amazing to see how fast they could plow through a giant white bin of grapes.

We also got to visit one of the barrel adoption rooms.  This room had chardonnay in American white oak barrels.

We really enjoyed this quiet little trip for to celebrate our seventh anniversary.  The grapes that are still growing and being harvested right now are cabernet sauvignon grapes so while we were at the winery, we purchase a bottle of cabernet sauvignon to save for our next seventh anniversary.  I can't wait to see what adventures await between now and then.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! We went to a local winery for our 1st anniversary a few years ago. I loved it! I can't wait to go back for another anniversary!

  2. awwww happy anniversary to two of the coolest lovebirds i know!

  3. Wow..these beautiful photos. I wish I could drink more wine! They seem to give me headaches. =(


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