Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a birthday trip

For Paulie's birthday this year, he requested to take a trip with his dad instead of a larger present.  I did not attend this trip. Therefore, I don't have much narration for this post. I did want to post a few of the photos that Paulie took with his camera while he was visiting Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta.

{Confederate Memorial on Stone Mountain}

{Paul found his name etched in the granite}

{views from the top of the mountain}

{the Skyride down from the summit}

Paulie's thoughts on the trip to Stone Mountain were that the carving was "enormously huge" and the hike was tiring and made him sore.  He claims to have "had a blast", and he's glad he chose a trip over a present. His favorite part of the visit to the park was the laser show on the carving at night (although his dad might disagree).

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