Monday, October 22, 2012

celebrating Philip

I fear I'm woefully late in posting this, but we celebrated the big double digits with Philip last Friday.  We left on a camping trip the next morning, so although we celebrated fully, there just wasn't time to post about it before we left.

He, of course, had a birthday ring decorated for autumn and some of his favorite things, cats.  The picture I chose to accompany the birthday ring was one I knew would make him laugh, from an adventure this summer when he and Paulie were splashing each other with water from a frigid waterfall.

We had a dinner of his request: homemade pizza with green smoothies.

Elizabeth, as per her usual, decorated the house to remind everyone who this special day belonged to.

We lit the birthday ring just before dessert and he made his special wish.

Philip is the most introverted of all of our children and he's interesting to watch when he becomes the center of attention.  He's often a bit silly.

His special dessert request this year was angel food cake with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.  I have to admit it's one of my favorites too so I was happy to oblige.

And then, of course, came present opening time.  He received mostly Legos with a new pair of pjs and books as sidelines.  Following his celebration, he was all business trying to put together as many Legos as possible before our camping trip.

Happy birthday, Philip!  I can't believe you've been in our lives for a decade. :)


  1. Wow, happy birthday Philip! i love seeing him with that big silly grin, so sweet!

  2. happy birthday! Love the birthday ring, it's a great idea. Angel food cake sounds heavenly (intended pun).

  3. He sounds so much like Tristan - from his personality to the gifts of Legos with books on the side. I really wish the two of them could have met before we moved! Happy Birthday!


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