Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yarn Along

This week for Yarn Along, I'm still working on the sweater that I started last week.  It's slow going though because I have to pay close attention to the pattern, which is often not the kind of knitting I need in the evenings when I'm trying to relax.  So I cast on my go-to little boy sock pattern for some mindless knitting.  As you can see from the link over to ravelry, I've not only made these socks, but in this same yarn.  I bought a few balls of this colorway when I found it on clearance at Knit Picks.  Finn loves his handmade socks more than the rest of the kids so I thought I'd make him another pair before autumn hits.

I just started reading Because of Winn Dixie to the kids again.  I read it once to the older children when Finn was a baby.  Since he and Philip missed out, I decided to read it again.  We often read 4-5 chapters at a sitting because they enjoy it so much.  I guess it will only last a couple more days at this rate.  I am once again charmed by Kate DiCamillo's writing.  She's one of my favorite current children's authors, I think.

Please feel free to join along with one of my Outside posts this week if you are so inclined.  I'll be celebrating our outdoor adventures all week with link ups at the end of each post.


  1. Mindless knitting is essential knitting for me this summer. Love the yarn!! Because of Winn Dixie is a fabulous book :)

  2. Oh yes, mindless knitting is a must. I learned the hard way. Love the colors of those socks.

  3. Fun colors on your socks! I always have some sort of mindless knitting going. It keeps me sane.

  4. I'll have to check with my niece and nephew to see if they've read that book. I know the movie was very sweet.

  5. I wish I knew how to mindless knit... :)


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