Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Outside: at the creek

We spent our early afternoon trying to beat the heat at a local creek.  This creek is one of our favorite local haunts.  The kids always enjoy a trip to play in the cool water and explore the creek banks.

This little guy was the best find of the day.  He was the tiniest salamander I've ever seen.  It was fun to watch him slide downstream and climb up on a rock when Paulie released him.

After playing in the creek for a few minutes, they brought out the legos they brought along to see if they had constructed crafts that would float effectively downstream.

Scuba guy doing his thing:

Most of the crafts floated quite nicely.  There was only one minor incident of a lego man being swept with the current under a rock from which he didn't resurface.  We had to fish around for 10 minutes or so with a stick before we could finally retrieve him.

Finn enjoyed checking out the surface of the water with his fingertips, pretending to be a water strider.

A bit more play then we headed off to the library for some new summer reads.  Graphic novels are the favorite this summer.

I hope you are enjoying your adventures outside this week.  If you have any outdoor adventures to share, please feel free to link up below.  I'll be sharing our outdoor adventures all week in this space to celebrate our virtual book club's reading of Last Child in the Woods.


  1. How we love creek visits! I love that you brought the legos!!

    Enjoy your summer

  2. Which graphic novels are they reading? Is this the creek where we had our first date ;)


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