Thursday, August 23, 2012

a new normal

I've been missing from this space for the better part of a week, not for any good reason really.  Sometimes when I'm not quite sure what to say, I avoid saying anything at all.  We're all in an adjustment period around here which means our usual crafting, creating, etc, has taken a bit of a back burner to life. Paulie and Philip begin school in just a few days, and Elizabeth and Finn are finishing up their first full week of school.  

There have been many adjustments and flexibility has been the order of the day in Elizabeth's classroom as they are the first 6th grade class in an expanding school and in a temporary space to boot.  She's thrilled to be back with her friends and in her familiar learning model so the adjustments and flexibility are just peripherals to her.  I've spent an hour or more in her building nearly every day since school began, although I'm happy to be able to assist with this new adventure.

Finn, with his highly emotional personality, has been adjusting in his own way.  He always needs extra space with transitions, and this new school venture has been no exception.  After spending his days keeping up with new schedules, routines, and adventures, he's often cranky and tired in the evenings.  He largely spends his evenings looking like the picture below.  Playing quietly, listening to audiobooks.  And then he crashes into bed.

And as for me, well, my days are spent somewhat how they've always been, cooking, gardening, knitting, cleaning (all my helpers are back at school!)  I've been reluctant to tackle anything new over the last week though as we all adjust to our new normal.  My new normal is definitely quieter at home, and I'm spending more time outside the home than usual, as I strive to be as present in my children's schools as possible.  None of which is very blog-worthy, really.  So I'll be here when the time or occasion seems right, but maybe not as much as usual for the next few weeks. 

I'm still trying to find my new normal.


  1. adjustment period...understatement for our place right now. pretty pictures. i can't wait to have time to craft again! hopefully before things cool down too much, which is when i start to nest.

  2. Oh, your little guy!! I teach Kindergarten and know how bagged those little ones are at the end of a full day of school. Wise mama, to keep the extras to a minimum as he makes this big transition. It's a lot for them to take in!!

  3. What a moving post. I just wrote one similar to this although our normal hasn't really changed. It's just we've been in a slow period (the opposite of yours!) and the words for blogging haven't really come in the past week or so. Here's to a great new school year and that everyone settles in!

  4. we are trying to find our new normal, too. W. looks and sounds a lot like Finn. Kindergarten is a big adjustment for sure.

  5. Awww, Finn looks all tuckered out. I hope you all find your groove soon.


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