Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Mostly ho-hum here on WIP Wednesday this week as I'm working on some of the same ol' stuff. I'm almost done with the Christmas tree garland I started a while back, although Paulie and Elizabeth stretched it out last night and declared that it "might wrap around the tree twice so you will definitely need more yarn". Who asked their opinion, anyway. Actually, we're thinking of getting a small tree with a root ball to just decorate with only handmade ornaments, and I think this garland might wrap around that little tree nicely.

Still working on these hats too. Three and a half hats down, one hat left after this one is complete, for some very special guests that will be visiting soon.

The lighting was horrible and the smiles a little forced, but I had to include this quicky shot that I snapped as the kids were on the way out the door for school this morning. All in mama-made hats. :)

PS. Thanks for all the well-wishes! The illnesses were relatively mild, and we're all back in good health now.


  1. Those are all very cute hats, Joy!

    And the garland is going to be sooo pretty. :)

    Nice projects.

  2. Woo Hoo! You got your knitting groove back! Love all the Blasers in their mama made hats.

    Glad you and the little guy are feeling better. This darn flu season!


  3. I am so glad you guys are feeling better!

    I don't think K will finish our garland in time for Christmas this year, she is lost interest in it :( So maybe next year it will be up! If not maybe C can finish it for her. Tee hee.
    I love seeing all your kids in mama made hats <3 <3 so sweet!!!

  4. You just gave me a good idea. I'm going to make tree garland with the knitting mushroom I bought Campbell last year. It makes the same little tube like it looks like you are knitting. Hoping she will help me!

  5. Joy,
    Those hats are so cute! Glad you're all well.
    Warm wishes.

  6. What a great idea to knit Christmas tree garland...those hats are adorable! I am still working on my kids winter hats, but hope to be done this week!

  7. I always love the colors you choose Joy! So beautiful to see your little ones all in mama made : )

  8. Wow-- you guys leave for school in the dark:( Glad everybody is better!

  9. The mama made hats looks so sweet and I am loving your garland too!


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