Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things of Autumn

So many autumnal things have been appearing in and around our house lately. I know that other parts of the country are further immersed than our neck of the woods, but we're starting to see a few signs of autumn here as well. The skies, when it's not raining, are so blue and clear. The air, fresh and crisp. We're taking full advantage while we can.

riding bikes after the rain

spreading seeds of withering plants

watching our maple tree shift to red

enjoying a newly finished shawl
in the brisk late afternoon air

while the mums explode everywhere

Inside our house, the nature table has been transformed with the yellows, oranges, reds and purples that mirror the shift outdoors.

Our book basket has also been given a makeover for autumn. I posted a list of many of our autumn books last year. We've also acquired a few more over the last couple of months.

Stormy Weather ~ out-of-print, thrifting find at our favorite used book store, cute little story about a girl who goes for a walk and watches Mr. Winter sweeping in the new season
Apple Cake ~ very sweet story about swapping what you have for what you need with the apple cake recipe on the back of the book!
Pumpkin Moonshine ~ oh how I love Tasha Tudor and her sweet illustrations, wonderful little pumpkin carving story
Christopher's Harvest Time ~ does anyone else's children not love this story as much as some of the other Elsa Beskow books? Mine enjoy the characters of September and Mrs. Cabbage, but find the story a bit tedious, I think.

**Thanks to everyone for your kind and encouraging words yesterday.**


  1. Your newly knit shawl is lovely Joy!
    Perfect for this new season : )

  2. Love that shawl! Great color ...

  3. Ooooh...that shawl is gorgeous! :)

  4. Your shawl is beautiful-oh how I wish I could knit more than scarves!

  5. love that shawl-- I'm finally learning to knit-- though it will be a long while before I get that good;)

  6. Hello Joy,

    Your trees are so beautiful, I love the gradual change from green to browns and yellows... Your red shawl is stunning and looks so warm! I am going to go and have a look at the pattern :) Your needle felting is lovely. Thanks for your list of Autumn books.

    Have a wonderful Sunday...

  7. I love that shawl...I think a shawl is perfect for these autumn days!

  8. Well, look at that gorgeous knit shawl!!! I would much prefer yours than my flannel ones, but non-knitters must make do.



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