Friday, October 30, 2009

Handmade Fridays - mamma4earth

This Friday, I'd like to spotlight a mama who not only makes the the most beautiful knitted toys, but also sells lovely South African wool, homeschools her 4 children, and keeps a lovely blog too. I have raved about Linda's lovely wool yarn many, many, many times, but she really has some of the cutest knitted animals around.

Finn's long favorite bedtime story has been Owl Babies. Every night, for months on end, we read owl babies, and Finn would lament "poor Bill." So for Easter, Bill appeared in Finn's Easter basket. Of course, Bill had a very hard time finding his mommy at our house, although Finn did a very good job of loving and cuddling him. When I went away for a week this summer to take a class, I thought Finn and Bill might both need an extra mommy around, and mamma4earth's knitted owl made a perfect mommy owl. As you can see below, Finn was thrilled.

Even now that Owl Babies isn't read for every bedtime story, and Finn enjoys a wider variety of books, this lovely owl still holds a special place in our family.

PS. You should also check out Linda's lovely unicorns. I adore them!


  1. Oh-my-gosh...YES. She is amazing. We have loved so much all the treasures we've gotten from her, and she is an incredible lady!

  2. She had a turtle that I adored not long ago. Good pick!

  3. Thank you so much Joy, you are so kind, I really appreciate you thinking of me :)

    Lovely photos :)



  4. We just discovered Owl Babies this fall and immediately fell in love with it. How fun to have your own little Bill!

  5. Love this handmade fridays. Linda is amazing and her toys are the cutest!


  6. The owl is adorable, and I agree..Linda has the most wonderful little animals in her shop. Trent got a hedgehog knitted by her in his Easter basket this year...similar story to the owl, only his favorite books are the Jan Brett books with "Hedgie". ;)

  7. I had never seen Linda's blog before---I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Really cute stuff!

    We love Owl Babies here also. Sweet book.


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