Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Celebrating Paulie!

Paulie turned double digits in style this evening! Paul was out of town for the big day so we celebrated today...

with homemade chocolate chip-ice cream sandwich cookies...

and plenty of brightly wrapped presents.

Paul received several new books, all of which he was very excited about, and a few new toys as well.

Of course, we had to head immediately into the yard to try them out, despite the rainy, dark day we're having.

Finn needed a little help getting the rocket to really fly so Paulie helped him out by dropping him on the stomp pad.

We're lucky our neighbors love us since the basketball hoop is in their yard and most of the rockets ended up there (or on the roof) as well. :)

Paulie seemed to have a wonderful birthday, and we can't believe our oldest is 10 now! Wow!


  1. Happy birthday Paulie! It looks like it was a wonderful celebration. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Paulie!!
    Your children look like they are having so much fun! What a beautiful way to wrap his presents!

  3. happy happy birthday to the big 10 year old!

  4. Happy Birthday Paulie!
    What a wonderful day everyone had :)

  5. Happy Birthday! (and happy anniversary to you and Paul,too!) That rocket looks cool!

  6. Happy Birthday to Paulie from all of us! What a sweet way to celebrate a special day for such a such kid!

  7. That was supposed to be such a SWEET kid!

  8. Happy Birthday to Paulie! It looks like you really did celebrate in style. Those ice cream sandwiches look yummy.

  9. I love your homemade wrapping "paper" -- how did you do this? Is it just fabric, or bags? Do you make them new every birthday? Do you use this for birthday parties, etc. out of the family as well?

  10. My Boaz's Ruth - I actually have quite a few cloth bags to wrap presents in, some birthday and some Christmas. I keep them and use them again although I also have more material just in case I have a gift that doesn't fit well in one of our current bags. So far we've kept them in the house, but I'd love to make enough to give them as gifts too. :)

  11. I LOVE this. And I've got fabric at home for projects that never got done (who doesn't have extra fabric?). Do you reuse ribbon from year to year? Is there a pattern for the bags or do you just cut and sew depending on the size you need at the moment?

    Is there disappointment not being able to tear paper off of gifts?


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