Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday Lunch

Now that we have the whole family back together again, we took a quick trip to the farmer's market this morning for some fresh fruits and veggies. Our lunch today was comprised of fresh corn on the cob, which I had to cut off the cob to cook because 3 of our 4 kids have missing teeth; smoothies with frozen strawberries and peaches (from earlier crops), blueberries, and plums; and sourdough bread from the Amish stand with strawberry jam, made a few weeks ago. We are thoroughly enjoying our fresh meals this summer!


  1. Your Saturday Lunch sounds wonderful, my children just love corn and your farmer's market is somewhere I think I would love to visit, it sounds heavenly...

  2. Yummy! We'll be right over, it may take us a few hours though!

    Lisa ;)

  3. mmm... yum! this looks like my kind of meal!
    Summer meals are the best!
    So sweet your little ones have missing teeth and you cut the corn : )

  4. Delicious. I'm feeling very hungry now!


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