Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paul's home & WIP Wednesday

Paul returned home to much fanfare yesterday. (His mom is doing a little bit better although she's still very weak and the doctors have exhausted their resources for treating her. Thanks to everyone who kept us in their thoughts and prayers during this time.) Elizabeth wanted to make his return home special so she decided to make him a cake "all by herself". She even insisted that she handle the oven part by herself, which always makes me nervous, but she did a wonderful job.

She even let Finn lick one of the whipped cream beaters...his first!

Paul was so thrilled that she put so much thought into welcoming him home. :)

And I was thrilled that he thought of me when he was passing by Tamarack on his way home yesterday. He knows me well.

On to WIP Wednesday...the buttons for Finn's vest came, and he couldn't have been more excited with his car buttons. The vest he could take or leave, but the buttons, now those are exciting!

I've also been adding to my stash in the last week. The Malabrigo silky merino and Lorna's Laces organic merino, on the left, came from The Backwards Loop which was featured on Soulemama's blog last week. I have plans for those so you'll see them again soon. The brown and green on the far right came from Portugal and was intended for a gnome hat for Finn

More than halfway through Finn's gnome hat, using the pattern from The Children's Year, I realized the yarn was likely to run out before the end.

So I started over using Mirasol hand-dyed yarn. I just love this colorway...very gnomish.


  1. Elizabeth, your cake looks really yummy!

    And Joy, Finn's vest turned out so cute! He looks darling in it. :)

    Glad your hubby got home safe and sound.

  2. I am so touched at Elizabeth making a cake for Paul! That is SO sweet. I bet Paul was so happy.
    We're still keeping you all in our prayers.
    Can't wait to see you guys in just a few weeks!!!

  3. I'm so glad he's back! And you always make me feel guilty about the fact that Grady has had-- oh, a bit more-- sugar than Finn. Like several pounds more.

  4. What a great welcome home. Your family sure knows how to make people feel special!

  5. A very sweet welcome home, it must feel good to have hubby home again : )
    Joy! Your knitting looks fabulous, you have been one busy girl!

  6. Elizabeth sounds like such a sweet girl.
    That vest looks adorable on Finn. :)

  7. Hi Joy,
    Elizabeth baked a wonderful cake, well done! And I just love how Finn's vest turned out, he looks very proud to be wearing it :)

    Your yarn is so beautiful, I love yarn too and now I also love buying rovings to spin with...

    Your gnome hat was coming along so nicely Joy and the yarn was perfect for it, I am so sorry you ran out :( My gnome hat is coming along, I am decreasing at the moment, but my yarn is also looking low, I just hope it will stretch to the end. It has been fun knitting this gnome hat with you across continents and oceans:)

    Have a great day,



  8. The cake does look yummy!
    I love the colors in the vest.. and the green/brown combo, too.

  9. sweet of elizabeth to make a cake!
    and finn is so cute in his sweater (which is gorgeous!) you are a lovely knitter!

  10. what a thoughtful soul Elizabeth is. :)

    that is quite a beautiful yarn stash. i think the new colorway is perfect for a gnome hat.


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