Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Home Theater

Since Elizabeth and Finn really enjoyed the Shaggy Dog movie the other week, I told them we could have another movie night with the Shaggy D.A. Elizabeth was very excited and decided to set up a theater-like atmosphere for the event.

The "rules" were my favorite. She even scolded me for taking pictures since the first rule clearly stated that all electronics should be turned off.

This theater apparently serves blue corn chips since the kitchen was out of popcorn.

Shelley over at Waldorf Mama has a rainbow series going this week. I'm joining in with a few things Elizabeth made that are hanging around our house.

oil pastel drawing from art class

crocheted rainbow necklaces


  1. "You may not start a pillow fight"...lol!!!!!!!!! I just loved reading this post. Very cute!

  2. Not the Home theater talk I'm used to discussing around here! But, it sure looks cozy...

  3. I LOVE seeing kids words and their own writing and ideas! Thank you for sharing, that a fun family night!

  4. I love this!!

    We have movie night often... this is a fabulous way to spice it up!

  5. This is so adorable Joy! So cute that you were scolded for taking pictures : )

  6. Elizabeth's little movie theater is so cute! I love her rules. ;)

  7. Bummer, no pillow fight! What cuties.

    Lisa :)


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