Saturday, July 25, 2009

the end of stay-cation

Yesterday for the end of our stay-cation, Paulie, Elizabeth and I picked up a friend and headed to Bethabara Park, the oldest Moravian settlement in NC, founded in 1753. Philip, unfortunately, came down with strep throat so he wasn't able to join us.

We started out exploring some of the ruins of the town buildings, including this cellar of the single men's residence.

Then we headed out into the nature trails for a bit. We've had so much rain this summer that the foliage was so lush and green.

Then we visited the oldest documented community vegetable and medicinal garden in the US.

And we rested for a few minutes in the shady arbor of these grapevines.

When we took a snack break, the kids found several of these sticks that someone had carved in candycane fashion.

They thought these sticks were so fascinating.

We explored the settlement's church building and parsonage. The chamber pot under the parson's bed was particularly interesting. :)

Then we found a squirrel's hideout which was stocked with nuts for the fall.

And Elizabeth spied these tiny mushrooms that weren't much bigger than a nail head.

And a rousing game of monkey-in-the-middle was enjoyed before we had to hit the road home.

I think the kids had a great stay-cation, and I really enjoyed doing some of the things in our town that we often get too busy to enjoy. Happy weekend to all!


  1. Visiting a medicinal garden sounds wonderful! I love the tiny mushrooms. Your staycation is inspiring!

  2. That looks like a great place to visit. Those candy cane sticks are pretty cool. :)

  3. Just stunning Joy, absolutely beautiful!

  4. medicinal gardens sound so really live in an awesome area with so many interesting things to do!!!

  5. Visiting a medicinal garden sounds pretty great!
    I love the "candy canes" too : ) What a neat thing to find!

  6. Those sticks are so cool and that garden, how wonderful to live so close to it!

    Love seeing the all fun down there!
    Lisa :)


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