Monday, July 13, 2009

Bayou Bash at the Bog

The weekend of my return home was full of activity, mostly of the hugging and holding variety, but one of our favorite local escapes had an event this weekend as well: the last annual Bayou Bash at the Bog. City budget cuts have forced them to pare back city-sponsored events and this one didn't make the cut. We are sad about that, to be sure, but tried to make the most of this last Bash.

One of the many reasons we love this park is the lovely flowers, trees, bamboo, and other foliage.

Some beautiful New Orleans' jazz nestled among the trees.

Finn had a prime spot for observing the festivies.

Fire dancing

nature's sense of humor

We bumped into some friends whose little boy is Finn's age. They wandered the park together, watching the ducks and geese.

Then they found the mist tent, which has been Finn's favorite activity at nearly every city event.

And then we had to leave...

And I couldn't resist this parting shot...toes, wrinkled from so much mist.


  1. that fire is gorgeous, but the mist tent is also really great. could totally see ending up with pruney feet after some quality time spent there.

  2. Glad to be home? We didn't make the bash but it looks like fun!

  3. The mist tent looks like loads of fun! Love the wrinkly toe shot. :) Missed your blog while I was gone.

  4. That looks like so much fun. I wish they had events like that in my area.

  5. Wow this looks festive. I can imagine the fun he must have had in the mist tent.

    Enjoy your Summer!

    Warm regards


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