Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yarn Along

For the Yarn Along this week, I just started flipping through Vegan Holiday Kitchen which Paul surprised me with after Thanksgiving. We aren't vegan, but I'm hoping to get some new holiday meal ideas and have some fresh, unique dishes to add to our holiday table. I also started on a hat to match the little baby sweater that I finished late last week. (You can see that photo shoot of little Miss Penelope in her new sweater here.) Since I officially finished all of the Christmas knitting I planned, I decided to add a new project. I'm making a pair of socks for Elizabeth's stocking. The yarn is Panda Silk in Plum Tones. It's yarn that I've had sitting around for a while just waiting to be made into socks for Elizabeth.

Finn's finished socks! (Look how big his feet are getting. It makes we a little wistful.)

Happy creating!


  1. What a sweet photo shoot! The color is just lovely against her peachy skin. I can't believe you're finished already with Christmas knitting. I'm only a third way through mine.

  2. The socks look fabulous! And that little pink hat is precious! We still have the wee pink hat you made Naia tucked in with her special things. <3

  3. Those socks are wonderful, I love the colourway! Adding this vegan recipe book to my wish list.

  4. Cute hat! And I love the plum colorway of the socks!

  5. That sweater is precious and its so sweet to have a matching hat. Wow, I am still only half way through my projects for Christmas.

  6. I'm not vegan either, but I too love ideas and look at any type of cookbook for new recipe ideas.


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