Sunday, December 4, 2011

'tis the season...

In all the Christmases past, or at least since Elizabeth was born, (and excepting the year that Finnegan was born on Christmas Day skewing the holiday a bit) our Christmas tree and other household decorations have been up either the weekend of Thanksgiving or the following weekend with the first few days around the beginning of December. This year, with family visiting for Thanksgiving and going out of town to visit friends this weekend, we are woefully behind on spreading the Christmas cheer throughout our home.

Clearly, being out of my normal Christmas rhythm has taken it's toll, because I forgot to buy the organic jellybeans to fill the reusable candy advent calendar until the day of Dec 1. I also haven't been listening to Christmas music and reading Christmas books around the clock like I generally am by the 4th of December. I am a celebrant who needs her rhythm!

The token decorations that have made their way out of the boxes don't hold a candle to the most precious of ornaments to adorn our fir tree. Ornaments which remind me of my childhood, my early adulthood, travels both alone and with family, special crafting with my children, beautiful handmades stumbled upon, obviously momentos that help jump start the Christmas spirit within me. For some it may be Black Friday, finding the perfect gift for a loved one, or the official start of Christmas music on the radio.

But it's becoming apparent to me that seeing the joy on my children's faces and their eagerness as they uncover their "stash" of ornaments, collected for them specifically since their births, and the ultimate glow of all of our memories of Christmas's past that ignite the fires of the warmth and trigger the official advance into the season of Christmas.

What triggers the feelings of the Christmas season for you? Are you in the spirit yet?


  1. First, I love your header photo!
    Yes, we are in the spirit here by the bay! Listening to holiday music, reading holiday books. The kids spent 2 days playing Jingle Bells on the piano! Fun!? ;)
    Hoping to get a tree next weekend!!
    Happy Holidays

  2. Beautiful! Zach is starting to get into things as well. Partly because of our small space we don't really deck the halls until just a few days before, but I am trying to be good about finding other ways to get in the spirit like with music, some movies, and of course books! Also going around to look at the lights!


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