Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yarn Along and temporary insanity

My Yarn Along this week will be brief in the talking (typing?) department because I have knitting to do! Last week when I reached the end of my Christmas knitting, I decided, in a moment of temporary insanity, that since I made socks for Finn's Christmas stocking, and since I was done with the rest of my Christmas knitting, that I should go ahead and make socks for the rest of the kids' stockings as well. One problem: it generally takes me around 2 weeks to make a pair of socks (with the normal amount of knitting I do) AND I can't do the knitting in front of the older kids which means no knitting during weekends and no knitting during evening hours (or at least until they are in bed). Yikes!

So here I am, knitting my little heart out on socks. At least I got smart when picking out yarn for the boys and bought sport weight which will make for faster sock knitting and nice thick boot socks for the winter. Elizabeth's socks are Panda Silk in Plum Tones, and Philip's are Indulgence 6-ply by Knitting Fever in color #05 (ha! gotta love that!)

I have one sock of each of Philip's and Elizabeth's pairs done and Paulie's...well, his yarn hasn't even arrived yet. But I can do it. Right? And the grumbling you hear...that just might be my knitting-widower husband groaning in loneliness at another evening spent reading beside me while I knit the night away.

I actually love Philip's colorway so much (and Philip's feet are almost as big as mine) that I'm kind of hoping the socks are still in good shape when he's outgrown them so I can adopt them. :)

Wish me luck! How is your Christmas crafting coming along?


  1. I'll join you in that temporary insanity moment! Wow, you are a fast knitter - especially of socks. I find that a sock takes me forever, let alone the matching sock. Your new header is very nice!

  2. I have almost, ALMOST joined your Christmas insanity. My Christmas knitting is done, and I almost started a new project for each of my two boys, but I decided to wait until next year since I still have all of the teachers' cookies to decorate, and a party to host, and all the other Christmas excitement. Good luck finishing your socks, and I also LOVE the colour wave of that orange and green sock.

  3. Joy the colourways of the socks are so beautiful!! Erin says she loves the pink ones:) I know you will finish in time.

  4. You CAN do it, I will be your knitting cheerleader :) Isn't it fun to have deadlines? Love the sock yarns, I am using up leftover sock yarn in some hats.

  5. The socks look fabulous, I adore the colorways. You can do it! Go mama go!

  6. The socks are fantastic, is it a hard pattern to do? I'm sure you will get them all finished in time. What lovely presents they will make!

  7. Go, Joy, Go!

    I love both colorways and hope the kids do, too.

  8. The patterns of the socks are so amazing. Making such patterns is tough indeed. Check out some of the best Novelty Socks available for kids and adults.


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