Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas book basket

One of my favorite seasonal book basket of the year is the December book basket full of our favorite Christmas books. Separate from our strictly winter books, these books are only out for the month of December so we must soak them up as much as we can during that month. I think the arrival of the Christmas books sparks the Christmas spirit almost as much as decorating our tree, decking our halls and tuning into Christmas music.

Some of our new additions to the Christmas book basket this year are two delightful books by Sven Nordqvist, author of Findus and Pettson books, which we love. The Tomte's Christmas Porridge is an adorable tale of tomtes, adventure, forgotten porridge and, of course, Nordqvist's enchanting illustrations. Findus at Christmas is an entertaining addition to the Findus and Pettson series with all of the heart, adventure and spirit of the previous editions and the addition of Christmas cheer spread by friends and neighbors to end the book in a very satisfying holiday way.

Two other books we've been immensely enjoying this season are The Nativity, illustrated by the paintings of Juan Wijngaard and narrated with Scripture, and The Candle in the Forest, which is a lovely collection of stories full of Christmas spirit and especially suited toward slightly older children. We have used this as our nightly family reading this season.

What books make your Christmas season special?


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful books Joy, hope you are well dear friend.

  2. Look like great books! I'll have to wishlist them!


  3. We have one, too! I love it! And your blog is looking amazing these days!!!! It's been awhile! Happy Holidays!

  4. Love it! Can you list the books?


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