Thursday, December 15, 2011

a tree house for Finn

As a family we try to be conscious consumers, especially where gift giving is concerned. Although we do buy a few new things each year, we try to stick with classic toys with longevity (legos, trains and tracks) and handmade items (beautiful wooden animals and playsets). Then, of course, there are plenty of mama-made gifts, such as blankets, hats, socks, sweaters and occasionally a few stuffed animals which start gracing my needles around summertime just to have everything ready by the holidays.

Occasionally, we are ever so fortunate to have a handed down item come our way, such as this beautiful tree house. Cindy (aka Boatbaby) asked me earlier this autumn if Finn might enjoy a tree house that formerly belonged to Zach, and it was all I could do not to leap through the computer screaming YES before it was offered to someone else.

Once her in-laws, who live close to us, brought the tree house to town, I spent many days dreaming how I might personalize this beautiful toy with open-ended play pieces that Finn would enjoy.

I searched etsy high and low and saw a felt leaf bed similar to the one below and thought that looked like a bed that might belong in Finn's little tree house.

So I embroidered the leaf veins and blanket stitched the bed together, adding a little pillow, for comfort of course, and then knitted a little rug in a linen stitch, using leftover sock yarn, because no one likes to get out of bed onto a cold wood floor.

My searches on etsy also led me to this shop which had the sweetest little living room set and mushroom dining table set (pictured toward the top).

I hope whichever gnome or elf decides to call this tree house home will enjoy the soft cushions, warm rugs and fireplace.

In keeping with the season, the new resident of this tree house will have a Christmas tree and a few presents.

This sweet tree house will be Finn's main birthday gift this year. (He has a Christmas birthday but we do celebrate separately and differentiate his presents.) What a wonderful feeling to give him such a full gift that cost very little money but has much love of friends and family not to mention handmade works of art to offer. The very definition of heartfelt gift giving, I think.

Now to find a little gnome, elf or fairy who might be looking for a cozy home...


  1. Wow, now I want to shrink and move in there myself :) You did an amazing job sweetening the place up, and we're so happy to see it go to a loving home!

  2. Oh, how cute! I hope he spends lots of fun hours playing with that sweet treehouse.

  3. very darling! i think the birthday boy will enjoy it for many hours. Open ended toys like this are great--there's always something you can make/gift them that isn't outrageous and makes it even more enjoyable!

  4. It's so lovely! My eldest was also a Christmas baby. A fun but challenging Bday time!

  5. Eeep! That treehouse is darling! It will provide lots of fun, creative play.

  6. That is sooooooooooooooooooo cute! I think that's the best 'hand-me-down' ever!!!!!!!!!! I just want to jump inside it myself! Ha! Ha! I just re-read the comments and saw that boatbaby said the same thing. Your photos really do make me want to hop right onto that wee couch by that fabulous fire.

  7. Gorgeous. We have a tree house for the boys (which they seem to have outgrown). I am excited to see Landon one day soon playing with it. Thanks for the wonderful shop links, will be sure to visit them.

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