Friday, December 23, 2011

a morning with Rembrandt

Elizabeth and Paul are both great fans of Rembrandt so when we heard that Rembrandt in America was coming to the NC Museum of Art, we knew that we needed to take a morning to visit the exhibit. Today, Paul conveniently had the time off from work for the holidays so we took a break from our Christmas celebrating and headed an hour down the road to see Rembrandt's work. Of course, they wouldn't actually let me take pictures in the exhibit so you'll have to go check it out for yourself, but suffice to say we had a wonderful time. And the rest of the museum wasn't bad either. They even have a great room of American artists including many NC artists which really drew Elizabeth's attention. A pause in the middle of the holiday craziness was a marvelous on with the rest of the show!

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  1. Scarlet and I talked about going to see that exhibit. Love the Calder stabile as well! Sounds like fun!


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