Sunday, December 25, 2011

a Christmas birthday

On this, Finn's 5th birthday since his early Christmas morning arrival, we celebrated in the tradition we've built since having a Christmas baby. First thing this morning when he woke up, we celebrated his birthday first, over breakfast and with birthday presents, before breaking into the Christmas spirit.

I can't believe there are now *5* candles glowing in the darkness on Christmas morning. He's getting so big!

He was thrilled with his "gnome house" as he calls it, as I hoped he would be.

I'm so glad we made the choice to celebrate his birthday first and foremost on this most special and popular of holidays. He glows with delight every Christmas morning as we celebrate his birthday before moving on with the Christmas celebrations.

He ate his requested birthday breakfast of eggs, biscuits, and fruit salad as quickly as possible because presents were waiting!

Since Finn's siblings were with their respective other parents this Christmas morning, his grandparents came to celebrate with us, bring a Lego set which thrilled Finn!

Finn then opened a few more presents of a paintable ceramic bank, a wooden truck and a few books.

Then, of course, he needed to set to work straightaway. With a bank to paint, legos to build and books to read, no boredom for this birthday boy!

I hope that everyone has a merry Christmas on this beautiful day, and that my newly 5-year-old Finn has an amazing Christmas birthday.


  1. Aww, Happy Birthday sweet Finn! I love how he is beaming! Have a wonderful day Joy!

  2. Happy birthday to Finn! I love how you have chosen to make his birthday a special priority on Christmas day. He is a very lucky boy! And I love all his gifts.

  3. Merry Christmas and your boy is such a cutie. What a sweet, sincere smile. Fun day!

  4. Happy Bday Finn! Looks like a beautiful Bday! And Merry Christmas too!



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