Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yarn Along

My Yarn Along knits for this week are not much different from last week. With the Thanksgiving holiday and family in town to celebrate, I didn't get as much knitting (or reading) done as usual, although I'm certainly not complaining. :)

I did receive a new book from my brother and his wife while they were in town. Although I enjoy cooking elaborate meals from scratch, it's nice to have some simple one-dish meals in the repertoire. I'm planning to try one of the recipes this evening, actually.

Even though the Yarn Along knitting looks largely the same, I have gotten quite a bit done. I'm on the last sleeve of this little baby sweater. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the stitching over the next 2 days so I can gift this sweet sweater over the weekend.

I'm also on the home stretch of Finn's stocking-stuffer socks. I've turned the heel on the second sock, and I'm halfway down the foot.

I have to say that I'm very happy with where I am on the Christmas knitting so far. I can always add more to the list, but I've accomplished more than I had this time last year. I should take a picture of the whole pile of Christmas knitting when I'm finished. I imagine that I would be surprised to see exactly how much I have accomplished when all of the handmade gifts are piled together. How is your holiday crafting coming along?


  1. I adore that pink yarn and cardi! I think you are doing great. I hope in the new year to learn to crochet on dpn's but right now they scare me. Thanks for commenting. Hope to see the finished pics next week ; )

  2. Stocking stuffer socks? You must be quick. Will you knit a pair for everyone one in the family? I love the stitch on that cardigan!

  3. The sweater is very pretty and I'm impressed by your socks! I love cooking too, but agree with you about occasionally needing simple dinners that cook in just one pot. If you come upon any great recipes, please share them!

  4. Beautiful knits! I love the color of the socks, so very cheerful and BTW your header is great!

  5. Loving those beautiful colors. Good luck finishing the sweater. Your knitting is beautiful.


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