Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yarn Along and holiday crafting

For Yarn Along this week, I'm still reading the same book, probably because I've spent all of my spare time crafting. I'm working on the front of the sweet little sweater I started last week, but I've got a bit of knitting ADD because I'm also working on a pair of socks for Finn, amongst other things. The socks are made from Stroll superwash yarn from Knit Picks in Riviera, a colorway that was discontinued last year, and I snagged several skeins for $2 each. I'm using the same Easy Toddler Socks pattern that I've made several times, only Finn's feet are getting a wee bit bigger so I'm making a few adjustments, but I'll post my notes on ravelry.

In other crafting, I spent the majority of last weekend working on Christmas gifts. For my Disney-loving nephews, I made pillowcases of Christmas Mickey fabric. (We'll be celebrating Christmas with my brother's family over Thanksgiving weekend, so my nephews will have a month of Christmas pillowcase use before Christmas actually arrives. Perfect!)

I followed the pillowcase tutorial that I've used before with the two contrasting fabrics at the edge of the pillowcase. I think this style looks so nice. I chose a Ho Ho Ho! fabric and a simple green stripe to go with the Disney fabric.

I also made this little knitted rug out of some scrap yarn (Crystal Palace Mini Mochi in Flame Rainbow, I do believe) to go with a tree house for Finn's birthday. I have much more crafting for this little gift so I'll share the whole thing when it's complete. :) The little rug is knitted in a linen stitch to look kind of like a woven rug.

I also found out last week that my father apparently had some expectations around receiving a hand-knitted hat from me for Christmas. So, I jaunted out to my local knit shop and found this soft Spud & Chloe worsted weight yarn in Lake and quickly knit up a basketweave hat for him. (Paul was kind enough to model!)

More to come as I busily elf together the rest of the crafting gifts! Handmade Christmas presents just make me so happy!


  1. I love all your projects. Super cute pillow cases, and the basket weave hat is really nice. I always feel secretly proud when someone requests a hand knitted gift from me. At least you know your dad will love it!

  2. I love it... all of it. This year I decided on a handmade holiday and dug into my yarn stash to start creating. I was miffed when I was almost down with a cowl only to run out of yarn. I guess the yarn shop is beckoning me to come.

  3. I love that Disney fabric - it's so gorgeous!

    The hat looks fantastic, hope your dad really loves it :)

  4. That is so sweet that your Dad WANTS you to make him something : ) I am also making pillow cases for my girls with a crochet edge. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. That hat is so great!! I love basketweave as a pattern and never thought of it as a hat! Great idea :)

  6. You've been busy! I love that Stroll yarn, so pretty. :)


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