Saturday, November 12, 2011

Martinmas celebration

We celebrated Martinmas with our little festival community last evening in the chilly November evening air. After a warm meal of soup and bread, and many other delectables, we headed outdoors with our lanterns on a path through the woods. Our lantern walk, like last year, culminated in lighting a community fire with the light from each of our lanterns. As we warmed by the fire and the children played around us, we were grateful, as always, for the opportunity to share our light amongst these dear friends. At the end of our celebration, we sent up a green sky lantern to disperse our light throughout the larger community. What a simple but special way to honor St. Martin and his generosity of spirit!


  1. Ive never heard of martinmas before. I will have to google it at some point. I truly enjoy reading along here.
    our moment~

  2. Sounds lovely! And looks like a fun time!


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