Monday, June 20, 2011

summer chore chart

During the school year when the older kids are in school and come home with more than their fair share of homework, we try to keep the weekday chores to a minimum. Now that summer is here and the kids are making messes all day long, we needed a new plan.

We always have plenty of extra watercolor paintings so I thought I would put a few of them to good use by using them to make the background and the chore cards. I tried to pick contrasting paintings so the chart would be colorful and easy to read. (Plus maybe the beauty of the colors takes the sting out of the chores...yeah, probably not, but it's nice to dream.)

Armed with some velcro dots (which I halved since it didn't take much velcro to make the chore cards stick) and a colorful list of names and chores, I devised a chart with movable chores so that no one gets bored of doing the same chores every day and everyone has some expectation in the mornings of what needs to be accomplished that day.

We had to abbreviate several of the chores (hence the "bath up" card which means clean the upstairs bathroom) to make them fit the cards while remaining easy to see.

Even Finn has a chore list, which he's excited about. (Not that he's always excited about doing the chores.) But somebody has to feed the fish and he seems like a good fit for the job!


  1. love this. it's great! we are dealing with a similar feeling as of late. I'm not much on following the girls around as usual, which leads to big messes at the end of the day. This is beautiful to boot!

  2. Good idea. My solution was to set a timer and say anything on the floor when I get back goes to the trash. Your way is much nicer:)

  3. What a beautiful chore chart... I know we could use something like this in our home.

  4. Looks lovely - but mine would just say "pick up your toys pick up your toys pick up your damn toys!"

  5. they might not appreciate how beautiful that chart is but I sure do! What a fun way to make tasks a little prettier.


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