Tuesday, June 21, 2011

celebrating the summer

Welcome sun! We're so glad you're here to give us long days, plant growth and warmth for the season.

To celebrate the first day of summer, we wove summer suns onto some sticks using wool roving and yarn. We picked out 4 sticks and our summery-est colors and wrapped until we felt like our suns were complete.

Hmmm...although the new summery stars look wonderful in the window, the woven sun looks decidedly spidery there.

But perched on the deck, they look like they might be dancing.

Over last weekend we were invited to a friend's house to celebrate the coming solstice.

In true summer fashion, there was water.

Lots of water.

Until a sudden, swift, windy thunderstorm chased us indoors and felled 2 trees within just a few minutes time.

So we ate summery salads instead.

And goofed off with friends.

Eventually the sun returned and we could play outside once more.

(We had to have a warm up area though because the temperatures dropped 20 degrees during the storm. Poor Finn ended up with blue lips!)

What a great time we've had celebrating the return of summer!


  1. Looks like such a fun wkend! We're workign on wonven suns here, too. i think my 6 yr old has found a new hobby!


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