Sunday, June 12, 2011

Road Trip: pirating on Chesapeake Bay

On the last evening of our time in the Chesapeake Bay, we found a delightful area of the bay that not only allowed pirating, but encouraged the endeavor, providing outfits, moustaches, scars and tattoos for the adventure.

Finn transformed into a fearsome pirate, named Fearless Finn, complete with every pirate accoutrement possible.

Eagle Eye Elizabeth, being a less enthusiastic and more proper 10-year-old pirate, only received a scar with stitches.

Notorious Naia, on the other hand, came in full garb with her most intimidating pirate expression. (And apparently she's good at finding a treasure chest 6x her size.)

After the pirates dressed and applied tattoos, they listened to their pirate captain for instructions on their pirate mission.

Mission in hand, the pirates were loaded on the ship, and they raised their pirate flag to warn other ships of their arrival.

They practiced dropping to the deck in the event another pirate ship passed by.

And they brought along a map of a treasure buried at sea.

Fearless Finn enjoyed the pirating, but he also took a few minutes to admire the beautiful sailboats skimming nearby.

When a pirate bandit carrying the key to the buried treasure chest tried to overtake them, the pirates sprayed him with a water cannons and managed to get him to give up his key.

Fearless Finn discovered the key on the deck but was a little apprehensive to retrieve the package. (He's clearly been tricked by clever pirates before!)

After following the clues on the map, they finally discovered the treasure chest and hoisted it aboard.

Fearless Finn was highly impressed by his golden gem bounty!

The pirates were kind enough to pose for a picture after completing their mission. (You'll find not only my imposing pirate, but Zig-Zag Zach and some new pirate friends we made in the Chesapeake area.)

After another night and a few more hours searching the bay with nets, we headed north again.

Thanks to our friends in the Chesapeake area for sharing their boat and showing us the bay!


  1. Sweet moments from the pirate ship! I will post mine... one day. But either way I will send you copies of photos :)

  2. These pics are great! I can't believe I didn't have our camera for this. Would you mind emailing me a few? The kids had a blast. Hope you are enjoying your travels. Phili looked fun. We are headed there next :-)


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