Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boston Common and Public Garden

Yes, I know we just got back home from Philadelphia a mere week ago, but when a business trip to Boston appeared on Paul's schedule, Elizabeth, Finn and I decided to crash his business trip to explore the city. And then we changed Paul's schedule a bit so we could drag him along on some sightseeing over the weekend before he has to work on Monday. We're considerate that way...especially since he's such a great Finn-carrier.

After a morning (and early afternoon) full of travel related woe, including delays, a cancellation and a missed connection, we finally arrived in Boston ready to dump our belongings at the hotel and get out to do some walking! Fortunately we're staying only a few blocks from the greatest walking grounds in the city: Boston Common and Public Garden.

We stumbled into Boston Common, the oldest park in America, near the Central Burying Ground, final resting place of Gilbert Stuart, and many other very old gravesites. You can't walk through this burying ground, but it was fascinating to see.

We couldn't stop laughing at this squirrel hanging upside down and digging his claws into the trash bag to hang on.

Apparently he grabbed what he was after!

Elizabeth is counting the headless guys at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Nice.

Can you say that you were once able to sit on the lap of a fishing frog?!

Onward from Boston Common to the Public Garden...

Our silly family riding the Swan Boats through the lagoon.

One of my favorite spots in the garden was the island in the middle of the lagoon. I could just imagine Robert McCloskey's ducklings following their mama and making their way through Boston traffic to the island.

To make the experience more amazing, a mama swan was nesting on the bank closest to the island.

Although we have plenty more things we want to see while we're in Boston, I hope we'll make our way back to these parks at least one more time while we're here visiting.

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  1. Joy, what a stunning park to have visited, so beautiful. The nesting swan is amazing and so is the little squirrel.
    Happy day to you my friend,
    xo xo


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