Monday, June 13, 2011

Road Trip: Philadelphia suburbs

Elizabeth, Finn and I made our way further north this weekend to visit with my brother's family. The last few days have been low key (due to some sickness and general resting needed) but we did take a few minutes to visit a nearby farm. I love how many suburban farms there are in this area! It's easy to forget that a major city is a stone's throw away.

We attempted to pick some strawberries, but the fact that strawberry season is nearing it's completion in this area coupled with trying to pick at the tail end of the weekend did not make for successful strawberry picking.

We did get to admire some cute farm animals.

A sweet daddy-son embrace.

And the farm's you-pick Zinnia season is now underway. I've never seen a you-pick farm for flowers. What a fun concept!

Random water lily in the farm pond that I couldn't resist photographing.

Today we largely stuck to the area around the house to accomodate Finn's return to health.

(He looks just fine now, don't you think?)

Fortunately there is a park for playing with cousins directly across the street from my brother's house.

(And letting big sister/cousin drag you around in the wagon.)

I'm so grateful for this time to spend with my family and watch these cousins enjoy each other.


  1. we're looking forward to seeing extended family in a few weeks--you're getting me more excited! & wowza, your really mastering that new camera!

  2. This looks like so much fun-- I love that last picture.


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