Thursday, June 16, 2011

Road Trip: family and friends in Philly

My sister-in-law took us to this amazing park the other day which was so delightful and imaginative for the kids that we spent the entire morning and picnicked there.

In addition to the typical slides, climbing structures and series of swinging and dangling tools, we found musical instruments, sundials and finger mazes.

And cousins...which are more fun than even the best playgrounds.

We were also happy to catch up with friends and meet this sweet little girl, whose adoption was completed just after we visited the last time.

She and Elizabeth, the master baby-swing-pusher, got along quite well.

And she has a gorgeous smile that she generously shared.

It was great to see her mama and brother again too.

(I forgot my camera on one of our excursions, so I can't show you time we played with our other friends in the Philly area, but it's safe to say we find plenty of brotherly love each time we visit.)

On our last evening in Philadelphia, we took a stroll with my brother's family to Cone Heads.

We caught a glimpse of a bit of local wildlife. (Peter Cottontail!)

If messiness is any indication, I think Aren enjoyed his cone the most!

Trudging back toward home, I think Finn might have been sugar-crashing.

And Aidan was ever-so-lucky enough to have a lightening bug land right on his hand! How thrilling. :)

Thanks to my brother and his wonderful family for sharing their home and city with us on this last leg of our road trip. We had a perfectly lovely time!


  1. Chestnut Hill, maybe? I'm so glad that you had fun in Philly!

  2. Wow, that's a unique park. Pretty cool.


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