Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mr. Green Bean

This is Mr. Green Bean.

Mr. Green Bean lives in a lunchbox with his wife, Mrs. Sandwich.

(They rent their lunchbox home from Mrs. Sandwich's aunt, Chocolate Chip Cookie.)

One day, Mr. Green Bean and Mrs. Sandwich decided to take a walk in search of some blackberries to make more blackberry jam for Mrs. Sandwich's innards. (She was getting rather thin!)

They walked through the pampas grass woods and found no blackberries.

They hiked through the dead pine forest. Still no blackberries.

Finally, they found the thorny home of the blackberry flower children. "May we have some of your ripe blackberries for making jam?" asked Mr. Green Bean. The flower children waved and smiled in the sunshine but did not answer. Mrs. Sandwich sadly told Mr. Green Bean, "the blackberry flower children must leave their thorny home before the blackberries will come. We will have to come back in another month to collect blackberries for our jam."

So they began their slow walk back home to the lunchbox.

The End.

**photography, story and Mr. Green Bean created by Elizabeth


  1. Tell her she is a wonderful storyteller! :)

  2. What a creative mind Elizabeth has! Anything can be an inpiration for a good story. Superb!


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